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LEXION 770 - 750

Cab and comfort

Greater support for the operator. The LEXION pulls out all the stops to maintain a high level of operator motivation and sustained productivity – even when working days are particularly long.


LEXION 770 - 750

Cab and comfort

Greater support for the operator. The LEXION pulls out all the stops to maintain a high level of operator motivation and sustained productivity – even when working days are particularly long.

Cab and comfort


More space. More comfort. A more productive workplace.

For optimal working conditions.

The LEXION gives the operator freedom of movement, a clear control layout and excellent visibility on all sides. The air conditioning maintains a consistently comfortable atmosphere which, together with superb soundproofing and a three-position adjustable steering column, provides first-class working conditions.


Cushions, supports, ventilates and keeps you warm: the deluxe operator’s seat.

Full support for dynamic, active work while seated. Active comfort control ensures optimal ventilation and sweat removal without subjecting the operator to unhealthy draughts. The air suspension seat with automatic height control adjusts automatically to the operator’s weight and effectively attenuates vibrations by up to 40%. A pneumatic, two-part lumbar support keeps your back in shape, while the automatic thermostat for the seat heating keeps you warm and comfortable. The leather seat is also air-suspended, heated and ventilated.


Fully featured: passenger seat with integrated refrigerator box.

  • Integrated left armrest on the door
  • Folding backrest doubles as a table
  • Larger refrigerator box with capacity of 43 litres and a bottle holder
  • Many other stowage compartments

Long-range work light.

The lighting systems ensure the best visibility for the entire work area and machine parts even at night. Intelligent features, such as the afterlight function, make for a complete package. The LED light packages turn night into day.

  • Up to twelve work lights on the cab roof
  • Long-range work light with extended range for illumination of large areas
  • Lighting for folding front attachments
  • Side lights, stubble lights, steering axle lights
  • Automatic lighting of the unloading tube
  • Automatic reversing lights
  • Lighting for the cleaning system, grain tank and returns
  • Service lights beneath the side panels, in the tool compartment, on the steps to the engine compartment and in the engine compartment itself
  • Mobile work light


More informed, more monitoring.

All’s clear on the operating panel!

The panel is integrated with the operator's seat and provides flexible functions that can be adapted as needed. Function switches include:

  1. Menu selection rotary/push switch
  2. CEBIS direct menu rotary switch
  3. Escape button
  4. HOTKEY rotary/push switch
  5. HOTKEY direct menu rotary switch
  6. Information button
  7. DIRECT ACCESS button
  8. CEBIS screen
  9. Front attachment on/off
  1. Threshing unit on/off
  2. Front attachment reverser
  3. Rapeseed knife, left, on/off
  4. Lateral adjustment of cutterbar / changes to values in HOTKEY menu / longitudinal adjustment of VARIO cutterbar table
  5. Gear shift
  6. Parking brake
  7. LASER PILOT left/right preselection
  8. All-wheel drive
  9. Diesel engine speed (three speeds)
  10. Actuate grain tank cover
  11. CMOTION multifunction control lever
  • Keeping the operator in the picture at all times.

    Information, registration, control and monitoring are all tasks handled by the CEBIS electronic on-board information system, which stands out through its clear, logical organisation of functions in the menu structure.

    A brief glance at the CEBIS display gives an overview of current processes and statuses: all relevant information for driving or harvesting is displayed clearly and succinctly on the screen. Warning messages are delivered audibly as a buzz tone and visually as icons and text.

  • An eye-catching 21 cm screen.

    The 8.4" colour CEBIS screen offers an ideal view thanks to its ball coupling mount, which enables the monitor to be adjusted as required by the operator. It can be tilted and adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

  • Clear, simple and fast operation.
    • The basic machine settings in working mode are made via the CEBIS rotary switch
    • An additional HOTKEY rotary switch allows fast access to other functions
    • The position of the rotary switch is shown on the CEBIS display
    • The CEBIS and HOTKEY rotary/push switches  are used for menu navigation and making changes to settings
    • A Compact Flash Card makes data exchange particularly easy
    • The DIRECT ACCESS button provides direct access to the most recently changed menu setting. It also offers fast access to the camera image

CEBIS on the road.

  1. Menu bar
  2. Travel speed and rpm
  3. Operating hours
  4. Fuel level and temperature display as well as urea level

CEBIS in the field.

  1. Throughput monitoring
  2. Area scaling and yield metering
  3. Driving information (up to 40 displays freely selectable)
  4. Message window (for alarms and information)
  5. Front attachment position (AUTO CONTOUR / cutting height)
  6. Returns check (volume / quality) GRAIN QUALITY CAMERA (broken grains / non-grain constituents)

More functions at your fingertips. CMOTION.

One control, greater comfort.

The multifunction control lever, which is integrated in the right armrest of the operator's seat, plays a key role in making the LEXION so user-friendly and comfortable for the operator. The CMOTION has been specially developed for ergonomic operation with the right hand. The innovative three-finger control concept allows several functions to be controlled intuitively without having to reposition the hand.

Another toggle switch is situated on the back of the multifunction control lever. With three functions assigned to it, this switch enables either manual lateral control of the cutterbar, changes to values in the HOTKEY menu or manual adjustment of the VARIO cutterbar table.


Comprehensive information.

CEBIS is simple to use, allowing a wealth of equipment information to be displayed and printed in addition to performing full control and monitoring.

  • Automatic crop setting
  • CRUISE PILOT – automatic forward travel control
  • GPS PILOT, LASER PILOT, AUTO PILOT – automatic guidance
  • Automated cutterbar control
  • QUANTIMETER – yield determination / moisture measurement
  • GRAINMETER, measurement of grain content in returns
  • Area counter
  • Fuel consumption measurement
  • Yield mapping – crop log
  • Performance display – remaining diesel running time / range / grain tank fill level
  • Job management
  • Maintenance interval display and tasks
  • On-board diagnostics, alarm lists and alarm history
  • Speed monitoring, slippage display (for the threshing drum, for example)