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CLAAS combine harvesters | TUCANO 580-550.

How you benefit.

  • The new control concept with direct adjustment and touch-capable CEBIS
  • The grain tank capacity of up to 11,000 litres reduces offloading frequency in the field while the high offloading rate reduces the time to empty the tank. Together, these characteristics considerably increase your daily output.
  • Up to 20% more throughput with APS
TUCANO 400-300 500
Download > RGB (526KB)  |  CMYK (26.8MB)
TUCANO 400-300 500
Download > RGB (541KB)  |  CMYK (21.2MB)
TUCANO 500 Front attachments
Download > RGB (742KB)  |  CMYK (18.8MB)
TUCANO 500 Front attachments
Download > RGB (472KB)  |  CMYK (22.3MB)
TUCANO 500 Front attachments
Download > RGB (580KB)  |  CMYK (23.4MB)


The APS HYBRID SYSTEM – threshing technology from CLAAS. Hydraulic concave adjustment with integrated overload protection and rotor variator with infinitely variable speed adjustment.



A gentle tap on the sensitive touchscreen and the new CEBIS terminal reacts immediately.

  • Representation of the entire machine in the overview
  • Direct access to all functions
  • A freely adjustable bracket allows individual positioning of the terminal

TUCANO operating comfort

Precise concave adjustment.

Parallel concave control ensures optimal threshing quality for all crops. An overload protection system is integrated in the hydraulic concave adjustment mechanism to allow the machine to be operated at its performance limits without any risk.

Precise concave adjustment

Clear view.

  • New dust extraction prevents dust from rising in the operator's field of vision
  • Improved visibility in very dry, overripe crops, in twilight and at night
  • Available for all models and variants of the feeder housing